Danny Vink

My name is Danny Vink and I work in the media and entertainment industry doing Game Design, Web Design, and Programming out of Fresno (Clovis), CA. I have industry experience in all three fields, ranging from commercial indie video games and iPhone App Development, to Cinematics and Video.

Feel free to browse my portfolio to see what I have worked on in the past.

If you’d like to contact me regarding jobs/contracts, you can reach me here.

Web Developer / Programmer / Videographer


Wasteland Defense

From: 11/27/2010 to 01/11/2011
Role: Creator
Project Website: newvegas.nexusmods.com

This is a mod for Fallout New Vegas.
Over 65,000 unique downloads
Rated 41 in the Top 100 mods of all time (according to New Vegas Nexus)

The Wasteland is a harsh land, and even a courier needs a place to call his/her own. Construct your own wasteland fort, bolster its defenses, and claim the title of the safest place in the Mojave Wasteland. Then prove your worth by defending your fort from enemy raiders.

  • Fort Construction System: Acquire plans and use them to place objects within your fort. Objects can be placed in any manner you desire.
  • Guard System: Recruit guards to patrol your fort, defending it from enemy invaders. Specialized guards such as Snipers are available at a higher cost. Robots more your thing? Construct Securitrons from supplies you scavenge from raids.
  • Plan Market System: Allow a fort merchant to set up shop and offer various plans for necessities/defenses. The market’s stock changes day by day, and special plans may become available.
  • Raid System: A remote activated system that can trigger a raid across three difficulties. Supplies are scavenged after fending off a raid, which can be used for future upgrades and defenses.
  • Automated Turret Defenses: Plans are available for automated turret defenses to assist your guards in defeating enemy raiders.
  • Light System: Be wary of shadows in your fort. Construct lights to keep your fort protected even on the darkest nights.
  • Power System: A destroyable generator that powers the lighting around your fort.
  • Stationary Guards: The ability to place guards at locations and have them hold their ground.
  • Random Raid System: Raider attacks will be randomized, coming when you least expect it (toggle-able in user options)
  • Scavenger System: Recruit scavengers to pick across the remnants of your enemies and salvage their equipment.

Wasteland Defense