Danny Vink

My name is Danny Vink and I work in the media and entertainment industry doing Game Design, Web Design, and Programming out of Fresno (Clovis), CA. I have industry experience in all three fields, ranging from commercial indie video games and iPhone App Development, to Cinematics and Video.

Feel free to browse my portfolio to see what I have worked on in the past.

If you’d like to contact me regarding jobs/contracts, you can reach me here.

Web Developer / Programmer / Videographer



From: 03/15/2011 to 05/21/2011
Role: Programmer

This is a game that was created while I was learning Unity3D. It is a multiplayer deathmatch in the vein of Super Smash Bros. Players can customize their characters by selecting a base “clan”, followed by selecting individual helmets and armor. The players are then dropped into a randomly generated level where objects are being warped in from various angles.


  • Full character customization based on 5 clans
  • Randomly generated terrain
  • Warp system (objects and level set pieces can warp in at any time)
  • Over 10 different weapons taken from the various clan home worlds
  • Two player multiplayer experience
  • Health and multiple life system