Danny Vink

My name is Danny Vink and I work in the media and entertainment industry doing Game Design, Web Design, and Programming out of Fresno (Clovis), CA. I have industry experience in all three fields, ranging from commercial indie video games and iPhone App Development, to Cinematics and Video.

Feel free to browse my portfolio to see what I have worked on in the past.

If you’d like to contact me regarding jobs/contracts, you can reach me here.

Web Developer / Programmer / Videographer



From: 10/12/2012 to 11/06/2012
Role: Programmer
Project Website: itunes.apple.com

Streamy allows you to view any image-based video stream from one easy location. Forget if you turned off the lights? Want to check the office over the weekend? Need to make sure your kids made it home safely? Just enter your Stream URL and quickly gain access to your camera feed.

Multi-threaded stream connection. Your stream will update in real-time as fast as your Internet connection will support!

  • Credential based login support. View password protected camera feeds.
  • SSL Support. View your camera feed over a secure connection.
  • Pan and Zoom Functionality. Get a closer look at any suspicious activity.
  • Rotate and Mirror Adjustments. Look through your camera from different perspectives.
  • Stop / Play Controls. Pause your camera stream to get a closer look at something.
  • Full Screen Streaming. Scale your camera stream to full screen, hiding all other user interface controls.
  • Supports iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Take your stream with you wherever you go.

Streamy supports all forms of image-based streams, including popular formats such as JPG/JPEG, PNG, and GIF.