Danny Vink

My name is Danny Vink and I work in the media and entertainment industry doing Game Design, Web Design, and Programming out of Fresno (Clovis), CA. I have industry experience in all three fields, ranging from commercial indie video games and iPhone App Development, to Cinematics and Video.

Feel free to browse my portfolio to see what I have worked on in the past.

If you’d like to contact me regarding jobs/contracts, you can reach me here.

Web Developer / Programmer / Videographer


Dead Eye

From: 05/02/2010 to 05/02/2010
Role: Videographer

This was a video that I created to demonstrate an environment that is not common to CryENGINE 2. I modified a publically available map with permission for use in the cinematic. This was also my first foray into first person animation.

Dead Eye