Danny Vink

My name is Danny Vink and I work in the media and entertainment industry doing Game Design, Web Design, and Programming out of Fresno (Clovis), CA. I have industry experience in all three fields, ranging from commercial indie video games and iPhone App Development, to Cinematics and Video.

Feel free to browse my portfolio to see what I have worked on in the past.

If you’d like to contact me regarding jobs/contracts, you can reach me here.

Web Developer / Programmer / Videographer


Barista Blast

From: 09/14/2012 to 11/10/2013
Role: Programmer
Project Website: www.baristablast.com

Barista Blast is a business simulation game (for PCMacLinux, iOS, and Android) that puts YOU in control of a local café. You control everything from drink selection and advertisements, to furniture and equipment. It is designed to be accessible to all audiences. If you want to simply play the game, there are a number of recipes to start off your business with. However, if you want that fine control over each aspect of your café, you can specify the exact ingredients that go into each drink, minimizing costs and maximizing profit. That is, if you can make the drink right…

That’s right! YOU are in charge of making the drinks as well! If you mess up on a drink, your satisfaction rating plummets and your tips vanish. If you take too long when making a drink, customers will get fed up with waiting and leave (potentially convincing other customers to leave as well!). Barista Blast is all about balancing your ability to make drinks, manage customers, and maintain a business.